Pop Quiz Application


The Pop Quiz App was initially developed for Focus on the Family through their FIDOLAB Innovation team. ChadCo. Studio supported the concepting, wireframing, research, and UX design for the project. Although this platform was developed by Focus, the potential for this app is wide-spread and could be utilized by a variety of sectors.

The materials presented walk through a summary of the platform, its goals, and the associated wireframes used to bring the Pop Quiz App to life.

What is the Pop Quiz App?

A website where users (that read a particular book, for example) can consume supplementary materials, such as videos, PDFs, etc., and participate in quizzes, surveys, or written exercises to expand the impact of the book/product.

Who is it for?

The Pop Quiz App is targeted at two primary users:

    • The Administrator – for creating quizzes, tests, or surveys, and the ability to track the learning of a particular subject
    • The End User – participants coming to the app to prove their learnings and receive a certificate upon completion.

What can I do as an administrator?

    • Upload Media Files (audio, video, PDF, Word Docs, etc.)
    • Input quiz or survey questions and select the types of answers that end-users can pick to respond
    • Designate certain questions as required and others as optional
    • Organize the content by breaking things up into various “chapters” if there is a lot of content
    • Require an end-user to complete a chapter before advancing to the next chapter
    • Receive an email notification with the end-user’s responses once they have completed a “course”

What can I do as an end-user?

    • Enter email address and/or coupon code to be able to access protected content
    • Save your progress to return and finish later
    • Download a Certificate of Completion for your completed course


    1. Education on Both Sides – Not only is the Pop Quiz App an opportunity to educate end-users, but it’s a chance for the administrators to learn what people what, what they’re thinking, and what they’re learning.
    2. Potential for Communication – The Pop Quiz App is an additional resource to reach out or follow-up with patrons or participants within the parent company’s ecosystem. It is also a new way to get direct feedback from them.
    3. Encourage Critical Thinking – The Pop Quiz App encourages critical thinking from the administrators, who will need to ask the right types of questions, and the end-users who will be learning valuable new information as it relates to the respective subject matter.

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