Team Work Metrics Tracking Application


Team Work Metrics is a tool designed to keep track of what work is getting done by utilizing a tagging system that pinpoints how many task are related to specific projects. Employees can easily input their daily accomplishments in this easy-to-use tool and then assign custom tags to each thing they have accomplished. Custom tagging gives the employees/managers the ability to organize their work by whatever conventions they please.

Why Use Tags?

The tagging allows managers to identify themes quickly in their employees day to day activities that can be adjusted based on prioritization and need.

Why Isn’t There Time Tracking?

The tool is designed to be very simple to use, which is why there isn’t a time tracking section. The goal is not to bog down the employee by requiring them to take a lot of time in tracking exactly how long they have spent on things, but instead to create a simple data point that monitors progress.


    • Weekly Input – Employees can input their weekly goals, issues or accomplishments into a simple platform and tag each item to be utilized for theme tracking and employee updates or reviews.
    • Theme Tracking – Managers will be able to categorize their employee’s weekly tasks into trackable themes, allowing them to quickly and easily find trends in their team workflow.
    • Powerful Filters – Managers can also quickly filter through tasks, employees, time periods, quarters, categories and metadata to fine tune the trends they are searching for.


User testing of the platform has led us to:

    1. Make Platform Updates – Add a customizable profile panel for easily viewing and distinguishing individual employees. Add ability to quickly see updates and notifications while viewing reports and inputting tasks.
    2. Make Visual Updates – Customize branding and update color scheme to allow for ease of viewing.
    3. Simplify Throughout – Although this concept is an already simple platform, ease of use (including making updates easier, and reading reports more beneficial) is key to the success of this platform long-term.

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