ChadCo. Studio partnered with MedSpoke to create their logo and branding guidelines. MedSpoke is a mobile platform for medical staffing, made for physicians by physicians. The goal for this logo was to create a visual icon that displays the ideas of simplicity, a centralized hub, the medical field, and the digital revolution.

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MUG Magazine Tip-In Card

MUG Magazine, or Music UnderGround Magazine is a magazine offering insight into the world of alternative rock music. Many of the bands featured in the mag are new, up-and-coming and rare gems just waiting to be discovered. If you love music – and who doesn’t – please don’t hesitate to thumb through an issue.

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Archetype Select Apparel

ChadCo. Studio created the logo and accompanying branding for Archetype Select Apparel, a luxury clothing company. The client wanted to represent structural/architectural elements without being too rigid. Thus, we utilized a strong logotype, with a loose representation of a column’s capital – drawing from early architectural design.

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The Cove

The Cove is a co-working space located within the offices of David C. Cook in Colorado Springs, CO. ChadCo. Studio not only designed the logo, but designed the co-working space itself – including: initial layout, demolition, construction, and interior design of the community space.

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Derek Hess

This logo and poster were created for Cleveland-based artist Derek Hess, promoting his showcase at the Shadowbox Gallery in New Orleans, LA. From concert posters to politically charged fine art pieces, Hess has tested the waters of both the music and art world for over 15 years.

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