You Made A Way

You Made A Way is the second single from Carlos Whittaker’s sophomore album, Fight. Chances are you’ve heard of musician, thought leader, blogger, and communicator Carlos Whittaker and just didn’t realize it. Maybe you know him because of a certain Beyonce Single Ladies viral video that received a People’s Choice Award, or from his segment on TLC’s LA Ink or maybe ...

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Magnífico is the first single from Christine D’Clario’s album Mas Profundo. ChadCo. Studio developed the cover artwork for this single in partnership with Integrity Music. Magnífico is available on iTunes by clicking here.

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A Collective Revelation

A Collective Revelation is an album recorded by The People of Mars Hill, a community of songwriters, artists and searchers committed to creating art that is relevant to their community. ChadCo. Studio worked on the album packaging for A Collective Revelation, as well as the sophomore album for The People of Mars Hill.

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iWorship Now/Next 2013

The Now/Next annual collection features the most popular songs being sung in the Church (NOW) plus songs that are destined to be the (NEXT) powerful wave of worship anthems. Today’s most respected worship leaders as well as the songs and voices of tomorrow are included, making this a must-have collection for worship consumers and church leaders. ChadCo. Studio participated in ...

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By Your Blood

Fuzed Worship is about creating music that upholds truth & surpasses trends and momentary movements. It is this resolve that inspired two friends to start writing lyrics and music to honor God. Fuzed Worship is an extension of Joyce Meyer Ministries. This packaging was created to reflect the tone, lyrics and songs recorded by Fuzed Worship.

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