Streaming Service Interaction Design

PROJECT OVERVIEW We were challenged to create a visual layout for a video streaming service to be viewed from around 10 feet away (i.e. from a sofa.) Specifications included a grid view, displaying multiple video options, and highlighting corresponding information on a single screen. Second, we were asked to create a full screen view of single video’s details and additional ...

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Make Every Day Count

Tired of having the same conversation with your kids? Try the Make Every Day Count app. Filled with conversation starters for parents and kids, this Focus on the Family product is designed to strengthen family talk time with a fun and easy way to communicate with kids. Whether your kid is in elementary school or attending college, any parent can ...

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Focus Safety

Focus on the Family recently created an application which allows their security team to interact directly with employees. In real-time, employees can receive alerts and updates on dangerous situations, such as active shooter incidents or inclement weather. ChadCo. Studio handled the inception, wireframing, design, and UX testing of this application that has wide-reaching potential, even beyond the immediate Focus on ...

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