This has been my first week in the Masters program for UXD at Kent State. Being that it is an introductory course, I expected to be somewhat bored, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve even picked up a few new things from my weekly readings, and have been encouraged by the diversity of backgrounds and excitement of the other students in the course. Having real-world experience in the UX field, I hope to contribute to that excitement and encourage my classmates by sharing the knowledge and stories I have, without overstepping any bounds. I guess my initial fears would be leading anyone in the wrong direction.

Something that has challenged my thinking, even this week, is that UX can be used for nearly any experience almost unlimitedly. Since nothing can ever be perfect, and our wold is ever-changing, these concepts and principles can be used over-and-over to create better and better experiences. That can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Through the TED talk we watched from Tony Fadell, we reflected on habituation – or forming a habit to something, because that’s the way we’ve always known it, or that there was nothing we could do in its place. This simple exercise has caused me to see the world differently. Now, every time I look at anything, I am trying to solve its “problems.” I’ll never be able to unsee the issues I wrote about with the way a diaper is folded, and I’ll never stop thinking about my brake pedal being higher than the gas pedal (thanks to Sarah Berkeland)… that is to say, until I’ve become habituated to it once more.