At the beginning of this course, I did what a lot of visually inspired creatives do, and judged two books by their covers. From the outward appearance and titles, I made a judgement on which of my textbooks I would prefer. I chose to purchase The Design of Everyday Things (mainly because I recognized it, as it has been a staple in the design realm for several years), and I opted to rent Designing with the Mind in Mind (DWTMIM), as I didn’t think I would be referencing this book in the future.

I was so wrong! I’ve been fascinated with the detail and psychology/biology of DWTMIM. This is the crux of good design, and a majority of the reason I love design thinking so much! I might have to go back and purchase this book, or see what my penalty is for keeping it from Amazon. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer.