This week I was surprised to finish both Designing With The Mind In Mind (Johnson), and The Design of Everyday Things (Norman) so early into the course. I haven’t read books at this pace in a while, but I’m glad to have successfully completed both of them and am looking forward to the supplemental materials and presentations for the rest of the course. Since I was surprised by finishing the books, I looked ahead at the course-load and am really looking forward to the remainder of the materials that we will be covering. A lot of the focus will be on visual components of design, which is one of my personal favorite aspects.

Another thing that excited me about this week, were a few of my discoveries on Pinterest. I found several really well designed portfolios, personas, and infographics that really inspired me to not only settle for the MVP version of a presentation or assignment, but enhance the polish and craft into something I would be proud to include in a portfolio.