Coming off an intensive week of sketching and creating workflows, it was nice to have some time to focus on reading and writing. This week, I realized how subjective design can sometimes be. An award winning website (which they flaunt across their site) exhibited several design “no-no’s,” which I point out in my description of an ineffective design.

I also read an article about 30 Traits of Outstanding Design Thinkers on Forbes. The article covers impact of design thinking on business, and then walks through findings of an InVision survey which identifies several traits seen amongst industry leading design companies, and top ways to effectively integrate design into your business. One of the things I’m challenged by in this list is the “written documentation” portion. This is something I’m learning throughout my UX career – the fact that documentation of work and workflow are often as important as the end product. I often skip this step in my workflow, and it is something that is lacking from my portfolio. I’m challenged to go back through and document my process and reasoning, in support of the outcome, to showcase my UX expertise.