Reflective Journaling – Week 7

These last 7 weeks have flown by! I’m happy to be finishing my first course in the UXD program and have learned quite a bit about myself in the process. Although, the majority of the coursework has been review for me, I’ve ignited inspiration in many areas of design that I love, including: using Pinterest, hand-drawing & lettering, and overall ...

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Reflective Journaling – Week 6

This week we focused on one of my favorite, and often complex, areas of design – typography. I’ve been surprised by the expressiveness and capability of type to elicit a response throughout my career, and I find working with it to be a fun puzzle to explore within the design process. I was excited to be given access to the ...

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Reflective Journaling – Week 2

This week we covered Motivation, Norman’s “Two Gulfs” and Johnson’s notes on Visual Perception. I was most fascinated with the information about how the eye works, and why these principles are important to and related to design. These are concepts that we as designers need to remember, along with aesthetics, design principles and color theory. Sometimes the general framework of ...

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Reflective Journaling – Week 1

This has been my first week in the Masters program for UXD at Kent State. Being that it is an introductory course, I expected to be somewhat bored, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve even picked up a few new things from my weekly readings, and have been encouraged by the diversity of backgrounds and excitement of ...

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